About Keith Harvey

Keith HarveyKeith Harvey is the author of four novels, “Vogel Flies South,” “Vogel and the White Bull,” “Cave Gossip,” and “Grimoire of Stone: A Romance of Water;” and two books of poetry, “Petroglyphs,” and “Sea-Snails on a Black Chow’s Tongue or, a Castaway’s Poems in a Bottle.” He divides his time between Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Dallas, Texas. In 2009, his portal fantasy novel, “Okeanus,” was a semi-finalist in the Amazon/Penguin Breakthrough novel contest. In 2014, Kirkus named “Grimoire of Stone” one of the best independent novels of the year.

He is currently writing short stories set in an alternate history, code-named: La Ciudad, and working on a new series. Several of the short stories have been published in Hub Magazine. The first novel in the La Ciudad series, “The Grimoire of Stone,” is available from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

His next novel “Attis Chapel” is a Heinleinian space opera with Lovecraftian motifs. Set in his La Ciudad series, it further develops the background begun in “Grimoire of Stone.”