Vogel Flies South

“Vogel Flies South” is the introductory novel in the Dutch Vogel series. An American expatriate of German descent living in Paris, Paul Heinrich Vogel, “Dutch,” is a former corporate lawyer and ex-employee of the U.S. State Department who has moved to Europe to escape the rat race and focus on his personal passions of reading, writing and sleeping.

The brilliantly intricate plot begins with a train ride from Berlin to Paris, during which Vogel’s mysterious encounter with a beautiful woman sets off an intriguing chain of events that leads Vogel into an unexpected political and personal storm. A highly skilled intellectual, Vogel seeks to uncover the secrets that have him dodging paid assassins and running for his life. Along the way, he discovers some interesting connections between the international scandal in which he has unwittingly become involved and secrets from his own father’s past.